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Assistant Professor Somboon Tapina M.ED
A retired Government Official of Thailand

  1. Diploma in Physical Education from the Physical Education Conllege , Bangkok (1963).
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Educaion from Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok (1974).
  3. Master’s degree in Higher Education from Srinakharinwirot University,Songkla (1986).
  4. Former Vice-President and head of the Physical Education at Surat Thani Rajabhat University.
  5. Former Professinal Prize Fighter at Rajadumnern stadium, Bankok (1959-1967).
  6. Fornmer Amateur boxing Champion who fought in eight of Thailand’s provinces and was ranked second overrall in Thailand (1968).
  7. Former Technical Head of the Ring for Chanel 7 and 12 Live broadcasts in Surat Thani Province (1979-1987).
  8. Technical Advisor of the World Professinal Muay Thai Federation (W.P.M.F.), 2004.
  9. Honourable Award for Expertise in Muay Thai and Amateur Boxing : Excellent instructor. Speaker and Head of the Technical committee for the Muay Thai  and Amateur Boxing Department , Surat Thani (15th June 1989).
  10. Honourable Award for achievement in Best Pracitical Physical Education from the Society of Health , Physical Education and Recreation of Thailand (20th January 1993).
  11. Professor of Muay Thai , who taught instructors, referees and judges for 25 year (1975-2000) at Surat Thani Rajabhat University.
  12. Many years experience in Muay Thai training  (Muay Thai for self-defense, amateur, professional and instrutor training) in Asia , Australia, Cannada, America and the countries of Latin America (1995-2009).
  13. Specialist who trained Muay Thai instructors, referees and judges for the Sport Authority of Thailand of Thailand and Processional Boxing Association of Thailand (2006-2009).
  14. President of the Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, Surat Thani Thailand and Head Muay Thai instructor and Referee for the Surat Thani Province.
  15. Muay Thai Team Manager and Instructor for the "Muay Festival 2008" in Latin America arranged by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and four Thai Embassies in Latin America (Argentina , Brasil , Maxico and Uruguay) , 25th March-15th April 2008.
  16. Currently a specialist at the Muay Thai Martial Art Academy, Pranakhon Culture Center, Rajabhat University, Bangkok (2008-2009).
  17. Currently a Guest Specialist Instructor in Physical Education for Surat Thani Rajabhat University (since 2003).

  1. Muay Thai Introduction
    - The Meaning and a Bridf History fo Muay Thai
    - Paying Homage (Wai Kru)
    - The Purpose of Paying Homage Whit Muay Thai Dance
  2. Muay Thai Weaoins Warm-up Styles
  3. Guarding and Foot Movements
    - Stand and Face the Opponent
    - Make Fists and Ser the Guard Position
    - Foot Movements
    - The Principles of Guarding and Foot Movements
  4. Using Muay Thai Weapons
    - Fist Techniques
    - Elbow (sok) Techiques
    - Push Kick Techniquse
    - Kick Techinques
    - Knee Techniques Including and Kneeing
  5. Practice : Defensive and Counter-offensive Techniques Whit a Partner
  6. Techniques Against Puncher
  7. Techniques Against Elbows
  8. Techniques Against Push Kicks and Kicks
  9. Techniques Against Thrown Knees Including Holding and Kneeing
  10. The Method of Practicing and Using Equipment Daily
  11. Muay Thai Weapon Combinations
  12. Strategies for Fighting or Competitions Against Several Differrent Bokxing Styles
  13. Comprehensive Muay Thai Curriculum Structure
  14. Muay Thai Lesson Plans
  15. Corner-Man's Qualities and Duties

     A Rules and Regulations for Muay Thai Competitions
     B Demonstrators
     C Muay Thai Activities Protos in Thailand and Abroad


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