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Comprehensive Muay Thai Course
Professor Somboon Tapina
Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, Surat Thani, Thailand
Muay Thai: Aims and Objectives
            1. To promote physical and mental well-being
            2. To acquire the knowledge and skills of Muay Thai from self-defense to amateur
    and professional levels
            3. To learn the rules and judgments
            4. To learn and maintain the traditions and standards
            5. To develop a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play
Muay Thai Training
            1. Introduction to Muay Thai
                        1. History
                        2. Rules and Law
                        3. Sports gear
                        4. Spirit of sportsmanship and code of ethics
                        5. The traditions and customs – Wai Krue (pay homage)
                        6. Equipment
            2. Warm-up and body conditioning exercise
            3. Guarding and foot movements
            4. Offensive techniques (Muay Thai weapons)
                        1. Punch techniques
                        2. Push-kick techniques
                        3. Kick Techniques
                        4. Knee techniques
                        5. Elbow techniques
            5. Offensive combinations (Muay Thai weapon combinations)
            6. Defensive and counter-offensive techniques (counter attacks)
                        1. Punch defensive
                        2. Push-kick defensive
                        3. Kick defensive
                        4. Knee defensive
                        5. Elbow defensive
            7. Sparring
            8. Wrestling maneuvers (close range offensive techniques)
            9. Fighting strategies (training to counter various boxing styles)
            1. Fighting against punch boxing style     2. Fighting against kick boxing style
            3. Fighting against a right-handed boxer        4.Fighting against a left-handed boxer
Also included: corner-man duties
Professor Somboon Tapina
Instructor Qualifications: Professor Somboon Tapina
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, Master’s Degree in Higher Education.
            2. Former Vice-President and head of the Physical Education Department at Surat
    Thani Rajabhat Universiry.
            3. Former Professiona Prize Fighter at Rajadumnern Stadium, Bangkok (1962-1967)
4. Former Amateur Boxing Champion who fought in eight of Thailand’s provinces
    and was ranked second overall in Thailand (1968)
5. Technical Advisor of World Professional Muay Thai Federation (W.P.M.F)2004
6. Honourable Award for Expertise in Muay Thai and Amateur Boxing:Excellent
    Instructor. Speaker and Heaad of the Technical Committee for the Muay Thai
    and Amateur Boxing Department, Surat Thani- 15th June 1989.
7. Honorable Award for achievement in Best Practical Physical Education from
    Society of Health, Physical Education and Recreation of Thailand- 20th January 1993
8. Professor of Muay Thai, who has taught instructors, referees and judges for 23
    years (1977-2000) at Surat Thani Rajabhat University.
9. Many years of experience in Muay Thai (Muay Thai for self defense, amateur,
    professional and instructor training) in Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Canada  
    and the countries of Latin America.
10. Specialist who Trained Muay Thai instructors, referees and judges for the Sport
      Authority of Thailand and Professional Boxing Association of Thailand (2006-2008)
11. President of the Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, Surat Thani Thiland and
      Head Muay thai Instructor and Referee for the Surat Thani Province.
12. Muay Thai Team Manager and Instructor for the Thai Festivsl 2008 in Latin
      America arranged by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and four Thai
      Embassies in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay) 25th
      March-15th April 2008.

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