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Foreign Activities

The Thai Festival Project (Latin America 2008)


          From March 26th until April 13th 2008 the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Thai Embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico ran the Thai Festival Project in Latin America to increase people's knowledge of Thailand and Thai culture. Professor Somboon Tapina (Ajarn Somboon), president of the Surat Thani Muay Thai Martial Arts Academy, was presented with the honour of taking four Muay Thai boxers from Thailand to Latin America in order to demonstrate the art of Muay Thai; both ancient and competitive styles.


          Ajarn Somboon also ran a series of Muay Thai seminars on the subject of Muay Thai competition boxing for the benefit of professional boxers, amateur boxers, instructors, coaches and anyone else with an interest in the sport.


Ajarn Somboon taught and demonstrated in five Latin American cities:


Beunos Aires, Argentina (26th 30th March 2008)


Curitiba, Brazil (31st March 3rd April 2008)


Mexico City, Mexico (4th 8th April 2008)


Montevideo, Uruguay (10th April)


Rosario, Argentina (11th 13th April 2008)


          Every class was a great success with some classes being attended by over three hundred students who wished to improve their Muay Thai skills.

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